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The school is open to all boys and girls irrespective of caste or social status.

Admission will be based strictly on “first come, first serve” basis for pre-primary section & other classes on merit. Registration will have no guarantee of admission. The final authority regarding the admission of candidate to the school lies with the principal. A candidate seeking admission is required to produce the following documents:-
(a) A transfer certificate from the school attendent previously.
(b) A birth certificate (In Original) in support of Date Of Birth.
(c) A latest passport size photograph of the child.
(d) Pay the registration free i.e. Rs.100 at the time of form submission.
(e) A copy of residence proof.
(f) Family Income Proof (For EWS Category only).
The principal/ Headmistress will entertain parents/ visitors by prior appointment only between 11.00 a.m to 12 noon on working days. However, the school office will remain open from 9.00 a.m to 2.00 p.m except Sundays and Holidays.

About School

The management of the school through the Principal/ Headmistress reserves the right to discharge a student from school in case of any breach of discipline of the school rules or on present poor preformance in academics or non participation in any extra curricular activities organised by the school. Withdrawal must be notified to the principal in writing not less than 30 days prior to the commencement of the following session. Transfer certificate at the time of withdrawal of the pupil will only be issued after settlement of all dues.
Pre-Primary : Pre-Nursery : 2 years +; Nursery : 3 years +; K.G : 4 years and Class Ist as Onwards... .

Primary Education : Class 1st to 5th
Upper Pry. Education : Classes 6th to 8th

Note: Parents are requested not to disturb teachers in the classrooms while the teaching is in process.
Parents should only come to the school with a prior appointment or during the zero period.

Boys : Pre-Nursery to K.G. :

Summer: Monday
Red T Shirt with school monogram White canvas shoes,White socks with two red strips.Belt with green/white/red lines, white half pent, white patka

Summer: Tuesday to Saturday:
Lemon half sleeve shirt, green socks with yellow strips/check half pent, belt with green/white/red lines, black bata shoes, red patka

White full sleeve shirt with school monogram. Green Track Suit with yellow stripes. Black Bata Shoes. Grey warm socks with green strips. Green Patka

Class 1st to 8th :

Boys Hair Style simple army hair cut, Important! Fancy or fashionable hair will not be permitted.
Lemon Half sleeve shirt, red scks with red strips, belt with green/white/red lines, black bata shoes
Red patks/check half pent (I to V), green trouser (VI to VIII)

Girls : Pre-Nursery to 5th:

Green Tunic / Bib skirt with school monogram (Other items of uniform are same)

Grey worsted Trousers (Other items of uniform are same)

Class 6th to 8th:

Check skirt (other items of uniform are same)

Grey worsted Trouser (Other items of uniform are same)

Monday Uniform (Summer):-
White short/ Trouser / Bib skirt/ skirt. Red T-Shirt with school monogram,
white canvass shoes (with green line), belt,
white socks with two red strips green cap with logo/ Red Patka, Red Hair Band / Ribbon.

Monday Uniform (Winter):-
White trouser and white canvass shoes with green line, (other items of uniform are same)
Note: Variation in shade and pattern will not be permitted. It is compulsory to wear school blazer from 1st December).
* Admission Fee (For New / Fresh only) Annual Charges & others dues with April Tuition Fee.
* Fee and other dues should be paid by the 10th of every month.
* Late fee fine will be charged after 10th of every month. Fees and other dues once paid will not be refundable.
* A fee booklet will be issued at the time of admission and should be filled by the Parent/ Guardian.
There will be two unit tests and two semesters in a full academic year.

Units & Examination

First Unit : 2nd or 3rd week of May
First Semester : 2nd week of September
Second Unit : Last week of November/First Week of December
Second Semester : 2nd week of march
In order to develop the language ability three language formula of CBSE pattern as per U.T. Board
has been adopted. English and Hindi will be taught from Pre- Nursery class where as Punjabi from Class
lllrd. The other academic subjects are Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, EVS, Moral Science, Computers,
Art & Craft, General Knowledge by using latest modern technology besides various Co-curricular activities such as Game/Sports (Indoor/ Outdoor)
Yoga, Table Soccer,Carrom, Chess, Table Tennis, Basketball, Badminton, Athletics, Kho-Kho, Skating, Sandpits, Splash Pool, Swings, Dance, Music, Karate, Declamation,
Quiz Competition and Dramatics etc. The activity class is specially held under the guidance of
teachers. Each student is encouraged to choose in at least one activity.
The school is housed in its own double storey building with basement. The school has adequate
number of classrooms and activity rooms. The classrooms are well equipped with Ultra modern system
and are well lit and walls are decorated with hand made charts, art and craft work.
A neat & clean ground surrounded greenery with swings.
The school library is very well equipped with a huge collection of good books which caters to the needs of
children as well as teachers.
Our school has in house science laboratory and work shop to impart practical knowledge to the
We have divided our school into 4 houses.

The school owns its own computers & Smart class room.

The school celebrates its Annual Sports Day. A special interest is taken to
keep child aware of the importance of sports and school also celebrates its Annual Function, Events and many activities with cordial atmosphere.
The need of an hour is Moral Education which is important and we impart it in all the classes to
tune the finer aspects of child's development.
Private contractors have been engaged to conduct regular transport services for the students of
the school. This facility will be run in accordance with the terms and conditions laid down by the contractors
and will not be the responsibility of the school management. In case the Bus goes out of order or
when its drivers is not available for service, it becomes parents responsibility to pick & drop his child to
school. The school entertains no complaint or claim on account of this irregularity.
a) Though the teachers and staff are very loving, caring and affectionate towards the children but still
the school will not be held responsible for any kind of injury that occurs inadvertently during the
pursuit of normal routine in the school or extra curricular activities by the pupils.

b) The school believes that punishment should be corrective and not humiliating.

c) The school will strive to create an atmosphere which will inspire the young to achieve excellence in every field of life.

d) Students are strictly forbidden to purchase food articles from unauthorized dealer at or near the school premises

e) Any damages to the school property, caused by negligence on the part of any student is likely to be recovered from the student itself.

f) Excursions/ Picnics are arranged far student under the supervision of teachers with the consent of parents/ guardians.

g) Notices carrying school programmes, schedules, school news and other important information
will be frequently sent to parents and guardian through their wards. It is imperative that these
notices should be read and understood.

h) Cardigans/blazer, tie/belt, books, tiffin boxes, water bottles etc. should be bear the name of the student.
The school is not responsible for stationary, books, bags, clothes etc. that get lost.

i) The school will be closed for summer vacation for a period of one and half months.
The winter vacation will be for ten or fifteen days beginning in the fourth week of December.
The exact dates for the vacations and other holidays will be declared from time to time.

j) Leave of absence may be granted only in case of Emergency or due to Medical necessity.

All correspondence must be addressed to Principal /Headmistress. Continuous unexplained absence may
lead to expulsion of the student from the school. Half day leave is not allowed.

k) The managing committee, through the Principal /Headmistress reserves the right to amend the rules and regulations of the school.
Admission Fee and Funds will not be refundable and no deductions will be made in dues payable as per school regulations.

l) The Principal reserves the right to add, delete or change any or all conditions information/rules/mentioned in this prospectus without notice.
a) Regular Home Work, Self Study/ Learning Work, Project Work etc. should be done under the guid-
ance of parents/guardians.

b) No Private tuition may be under taken by any student from a teacher of this school without the
permission of the Principal.

c) Pupils who are not well or suffering from any disease, contagious or otherwise should not be sent
to school.

d) Time table (Home) should be made.

e) Parents/ Guardians are sincerely requested to enforce regularity and punctuality in their wards.
The teachers will hold meetings with parents on particular day. The parents will be kept in touch
with progress of their children.

f) Students are not allowed to keep any money and valuables with them.

g) Pupils should not be taken away without informing the staff present at the school and not depute
any representative without written and proper authorization to collect their ward.

h) All pupils are expected to speak in English during school hours. The parents should therefore help
their children by conversing with them in English at home as best as possible.

i) Students should be habitually clean and always neatly dressed. The students who are shabbily
dressed or not in proper uniform will be sent back home.

j) Politeness and good conduct on the part of the students is very important and compulsory.
Abusive language, shouting and screaming is not allowed and will not be tolrated in the school

k) Parents/ visitors are requested not to make direct entry to the prinicpal's office. They should seek
prior permission from aya sitting in front of the office, and are also requested to switch off their
mobiles phones when they are in the school premises.
1) Non-Payment of school fees and other arrears from two consecutive months.

2) Long absence without prior information to the principal and school office.

3) Unsatisfactory conduct of the students if unanimously agreed upon by the principal and staff.